Statement of Support from Katie McBride

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I am thrilled that the Kentucky Psychological Association’s Executive Director, and my good friend, Dr. Lisa Willner is running for the Kentucky House of Representatives!

Lisa is running for the seat currently held by Rep. Jim Wayne who recently announced that he will not be seeking re-election after serving 27 years. Jim is the only licensed mental health professional in the legislature, and now we have the rare opportunity to have a doctoral clinical psychologist carry her skill and expertise into the fray of the Kentucky State House!

In her service on the Jefferson County School Board, Lisa has brought important insights and a unique vision to the school board in order to support compassionate, developmentally appropriate, and effective educational practices in the public schools. We need more skilled, principled people in decision-making roles in our state government–more who can bridge the increasingly entrenched nature of the State House.

As President of the Kentucky Psychological Association, I have had the privilege to work very closely with Lisa. Time and again, I have admired her leadership and dedication to work toward resolutions that make sense and have had real impact on psychologists, and on the people of Kentucky. Those who know Lisa admire her innovative thinking, dedicated work ethic, and truly impressive dexterity with people, policies, and organizations,

Let’s put Lisa Willner in the Kentucky State House in 2018!

Katie McBride, Ph.D.

Dr. McBride is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Louisville. She served as the President of the Kentucky Psychological Association in 2017.