Endorsement from Judith Bradley

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Lisa’s long standing commitment to public education is easily observed through her dedication as a Jefferson County Public Schools Board member. What is not as well known, however, is her behind the scenes commitment to ensuring that a quality education is accessible to every student, including those with disabilities who are, sadly, overlooked in too many policy discussions. As the parent of a JCPS autistic student and an advocate for systemic changes in our special education system, I have had a front row seat to Lisa’s unwavering commitment to the most disenfranchised of our students.

Lisa took the time to participate in our first “Re-Imagine Special Education” forum – the only JCPS School Board member to do so. But her participation didn’t end there. Lisa continues to reach out, seeking to understand the many issues which thwart student success. Her close study, willingness to “walk in our shoes”, and training as a psychologist are critical to raising the bar for Kentucky’s special education system – of which 90,000 students are a part. As a Commonwealth of Kentucky State Representative, Lisa will be able to broaden her efforts to ensure that ALL of Kentucky’s students have full access to a free, appropriate, public education and that our educators have the tools they need to provide it.

I deeply appreciate and fully support Dr. Lisa Willner for State Representative and encourage you to do the same!

Judith Bradley
JCPS parent, duPont Manual PTSA Board Member,
Founder & Executive Director, JackBeNimble, Inc.