Rus Funk Endorses Lisa

Please join me in supporting Lisa Willner to represent the 35th district in the Kentucky House of Representatives. I offer my enthusiastic endorsement and support for Lisa and believe she is the best to continue, and expand on, the progressive legacy of Jim Wayne.

I have known Lisa for more than 10 years and have seen her compassionate, passionate and effective leadership skills. She will push a progressive agenda in Frankfort that will benefit us all, and will push back against efforts to halt our progress as a state. She has proven herself to be an effective organizer throughout her career, including as director of the Kentucky Psychology Association and on the Jefferson County School Board.

As a man, I also support Lisa for State Rep because Kentucky is desperately in need of more strong, progressive female voices. As a state, we are sorely lacking in female representation in Frankfort! As a man, I know that most of my interests are well represented in Frankfort. As a Human Rights advocate, I have to acknowledge the ways that my interests as a man are over-represented in Frankfort. I am proud that my son will see his dad working hard to support a woman to the State house. Lisa will be a great representative for all of the 35th district, while also helping to ensure that women’s voices continue to be heard as well.

Join me in supporting Lisa Willner, democrat for the KY State House!


Rus Funk


Rus Funk is a passionate activist working to promote gender, racial, and sexual justice. His work has taken him throughout the US, and to several other countries. He is the author of several books, and multiple chapters, articles and manuals on different aspects of ending sexual or domestic violence, enhancing reproductive justice, combating racial violence, engaging men and boys in justice work, and more.