Dr. Sarah Shelton endorses Lisa

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Fierce: showing a heartfelt powerful intensity.
Compassionate: feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.
Informed: basing judgement on an understanding of the facts.

I support Dr. Lisa Willner in her campaign for the Kentucky House of Representatives, because she embodies these three words. Today, more than ever, Kentucky needs strong but humanitarian leadership. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Willner for the past six years as a Board member and now as President of the Kentucky Psychological Association. She has always had the wellbeing of ALL people in our communities at the forefront of her thoughts and actions and has shown particular dedication to ensuring the welfare of Kentucky’s children. Whether Democrat or Republican, I hope that each member of Lisa’s District will consider voting for her based upon the wonderful and capable person that she is. She is truly a candidate that can transcend party lines and bring about positive change for the common good of the Commonwealth.

Dr. Sarah Shelton
President, Kentucky Psychological Association